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Choose powder coating for its long lasting, smooth finish and increased abrasion resistance.
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Powder coating is an advanced method of applying a decorative finish to metal surfaces by spraying finely ground particles of paint and resin that are electrostatically charged and get attracted to the negatively charged metal part to be covered. When the part is heated at the powder’s melting point, it begins to flow and bond with the metal. After curing in the oven, the part is taken out and left to air dry. This leaves a uniform, durable and attractive finish.

  • Powder coated surfaces are more resistant to chipping, scratching, fading, and wearing than other finishes. Color selection is virtually unlimited with flat, satin, gloss, high gloss, metallic, candies, clear, iridescent, fluorescent, wrinkle, hammer tone, and glitter finishes available. Colors stay bright and vibrant longer.
  • Powder coating is safer for the environment. Since it doesn’t contain any solvents nothing is released into the atmosphere when it is sprayed, eliminating the need for pollution control equipment (that some wet paint shops neglect to maintain because of costs).
  • The finished coating is between 2 to 4 times thicker than wet paint, making it highly appropriate for wheel refinishing. Wheels are in constant contact with the elements (rain, snow, UV rays, temperature changes).

None of our processes are automated, meaning every wheel is touched, inspected and treated like a project on its own.

We don’t do mass production. We are closer to artisans than technicians. There is a lot of labour involved in the services we offer, and the end results speak for themselves. 

It is impossible for any mass production shop to equal the quality of the products that go out our doors.

Body filler is the quick way to fix dents, scratches and gauges, that’s what the body shops use. YES even on wheels. Body filler is a polymer based paste, and doesn’t completely bond with the substrate, making it prone to cracking and shrinking. 

Whether the wheels need cosmetic repairs or not, they all go on our lathe where they get turned by hand and inspected with a high precision dial gage for straightness and planage. 

If there are bends we can fix them.

Our shop is state of the art! Of course we have a huge CNC to refinish modern diamond-cut wheels. Most high end cars today come standard with these types of wheels that have their faces machined to show bare metal in certain areas, and paint in others. If your car has these kind of wheels and you want to  refinish or repair them, we have the solution. 

Whenever possible, we source our tools and supplies locally to contribute to our economy. We use recycled glass that’s made in Quebec in our media blaster; we buy most of our powders from Ontario, and use equipment and chemicals from local Montreal company Greensolv in our wheel stripping tank.

From the environmentally-friendly chemicals that get heated in our stripping tank to remove paint from wheels, to us refusing to follow the crowd in using highly toxic solvent based paints, we are your solution for responsible refinishing of wheels. You can be proud to advertise using our services, knowing we are just as concerned about the planet as you are.

What our customers are saying

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  • Avatar David Robinson ★★★★★ 2 months ago
    Atelier Mag911 powder coated my Brembo GT calipers. The work was excellent in quality and the time quoted to complete the … More work was precise to the hour. Dave recommends.
  • Avatar S. Pelletier ★★★★★ 2 months ago
    Great shop. Good pricing. Quick service and easy to communicate with. Thank you.
  • Avatar claudio cusano ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    Extremely knowledgeable on power coating with state-of-the-art equipment. I was also very impressed with their service and … More the work they did to my Porshe mags. They turned out awesome. I highly recommend them for any work needed on mags.

Our processes:

(click on each process to see a clear image)

Chemical stripping

We use an advanced system of environmentally-friendly chemicals placed in a heated tank to completely strip wheels to bare metal.

Media blasting

This process removes left over paint and leaves a perfect profile for powder coating to stick to.

Cosmetic repairs

We repair all kinds of cosmetic damage such as oxidation of metal substrate, scratches, curb rash, failures in the original finish and practically everything else your wheels might present.


Potholes, low profile tires and large diameter wheels don’t mix well. If you bent a wheel, we got you! If you're redoing a set with us, we'll include this service.

Diamond-cut CNC

Our brand new CNC lathe allows us to refinish modern high-end wheels that have machined faces, often referred to as “diamond-cut”.

Powder coating

Any kind of metal parts or projects can benefit from this type of finish. Thicker and longer lasting than paint. That's why we use it.


Wheel powder coating packages:

5 colours to choose from (silver, argento gunmetal, dark gunmetal, flat black, gloss black) and many more available at an extra cost.

16" and 17" wheels

Pricing for a set of 4 wheels
$ 349 +TAX
  • Chemical stripping
  • Media blasting
  • Powder coating

18" and 19" wheels

Pricing for a set of 4 wheels
$ 399 +TAX
  • Chemical stripping
  • Media blasting
  • Powder coating

20" and 21" wheels

Pricing for a set of 4 wheels
$ 449 +TAX
  • Chemical stripping
  • Media blasting
  • Powder coating


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Light cosmetic damage (scuffs, light scratches that can be mechanically removed, oxidation and failure of paint or primer) ………. $25 /wheel

Heavy damage (any damage that requires welding to fill missing metal: heavy curb rash, missing pieces, gauges, chips in metal surface) ………. $50 /wheel

Complete lip reconstruction ………. $50 /hour of labour

Straightening bends (when combined with a powder coating package the price drops to $50 per wheel) ………. $100 /wheel

Mounting and balancing tires (max 21″):

  • tire profile 45 or taller ………. $15/wheel
  • low profile less than 45 ………. $20/wheel
  • reverse mount wheel …….. $25/wheel

*NEW* Grand Prix Finish (a dark, elegant, race inspired look for your machined wheels, this includes black powder coating, machnining, smoked clear coat. Only applicable as an extra to a powder coating package) ………. $250 /set of 4 wheels

CNC diamond-cut machining (price drops to $25 per wheel when combined with a powder coating package) ………. $50 per wheel + $100 programming charge for the first wheel

Optional colors (other than the 6 included; powders from our Canadian distributor Emerald Coatings) ………. $12.5 – $20 /wheel

Specialty powders (imported from the USA from Prismatic Powders) ………. $25 – $50 /wheel

Clear coat (choice of flat finish, satin or glossy clear to protect your investment, we will advise when NOT required) ………. $5 /wheel

Brake calipers (you must provide the calipers dismounted from the vehicle and disassembled of all pistons and seals) ………. $75 /caliper

Valve covers (single stage powder from our Canadian distributor included) ………. $120 each

Motorcycle wheels (chemical stripping, media blasting, powder coating in-stock colors) *wheels must be dismounted from tires and free of all removable parts and bearings* ………. $250 /2 wheels

For any other project please contact us. We charge by the hour for other projects.

* Please note that any wheel wider than 9.5" or larger than 22" in diameter will involve extra charges. Please contact us for a quote.

** Also note that powder coating colors can never be 100% matched to factory wet paints. We have dozens of samples that we can use to help you pick a color, but we do suggest refinishing AT LEAST 2 wheels (of the same side of the vehicle), to avoid mismatched finishes.


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Please choose the diameter of your wheels
Please note, if the color you want isn’t on the list, expect to pay an extra 50$ to 150$ to custom order small quantities of powder.
For OEM two tone looking wheels (see our photos)
Extra protection STRONGLY recommended for metallic paints and MANDATORY for CNC finishes since the metal is left exposed.
Dismounting, mounting and rebalancing of tires with hidden weights.
Total before taxes: CAD$

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